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01st Apr 2022

Here’s something to put on the census time-capsule: your dinner

Katy Thornton

census time-capsule dinner

Take the pressure off yourself.

I know I felt a bit of pressure when I saw the Time Capsule section of the Census. Even though I write professionally, I just couldn’t think of something important enough to say that would make an impact on the future generations, 100 years from now. Well, the TUD Food Forum shared a simple but effective idea on their Instagram account.

Instead of attempting to bestow some sort of wisdom for the people of 2122, why not just share what you had for dinner?

There’s a reason why What I Eat In A Day TikTok videos are so popular – we are incessantly nosey as a species. I’d find it gas reading what people were eating 100 years ago. Who knows what people of the future will be eating – they may find it insane we eat bangers and mash, or that we’re still eating meat at all.

This idea was born from MA student @santinas_irish_food_tales and reposted by the TUD Food Forum account. The hope was to provide “a snapshot” for future food historians, possibly in a more honest way than through “our Instagram feeds”. Food historians will be able to track “food fashions, food fads, food poverty” and more through the Census this way.

Let’s just hope that the generations of 2122 know what a 3 in 1 is. It’ll be a dark time indeed if they don’t. Just in case they’ve become extinct (sob) maybe just write a little description, like so: A 3 in 1 is a delicacy found at many takeaway spots that combines chips, egg-fried rice, and is covered in a delectable curry sauce. It is the dish of gods.

Header image via Instagram/tudublinfoodforum

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