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17th Nov 2017

IKEA To Launch Online Shopping In Ireland From Today

Megan Cassidy

Gone are the days of setting aside an entire Sunday to trek out to Ballymun with the back seats of your Mam’s people carrier pushed down. 

Because from today, you can officially order online from IKEA and have your furniture delivered right to your door. 

The Swedish store has announced that from November 16th, consumers will be able to purchase from a choice of 1000s of items at the click of a button. 

The layout of the website will remain the same, but now under each product you’ll see a purchase button and the option to go to your shopping cart. 

IKEA Ireland market manager, Claudia Marshall said: “We know accessibility, convenience and value for time are critical factors in meeting our customers’ needs. Shop online gives customers across Ireland another way to shop with IKEA and allows them to choose how and when they want to shop with us.

“This launch will help create a seamless shopping experience from the digital right through to the physical meeting with our customers.”

If you wanna know all the tips and tricks to making your home as stylish as IKEA, Tuesday night would be a good time to do so – Snapchat star James Kavanagh will be hosting a #DesperateHouses panel discussion with a Facebook Live from the Dublin store along with expert advice on home design questions. Plus, there’ll be lots of free vouchers going around for lucky winners, too. 

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