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22nd Feb 2018

Irish Customer Received This Swearing Voicemail From Tesco Delivery Driver

Darragh Berry

Tesco is launching a huge and urgent investigation after a delivery driver left a swearing voicemail to a paying customer. 

The Irish Sun reports that the driver cursed about not only the customer but the company he was working for also.

It is being said that the driver had forgotten to hang up the phone and left the voicemail by accident. 

Some lines from the voicemail include: 

  • “First delivery and fucker is not answering his phone, nothing.”
  • “There is another number to phone if he doesn’t answer that, I’ll just take the stuff back.”
  • “This morning was terrible, absolute fucking shambles.”
  • Talking about Tesco – “Fucking terrible and your man is trying to save money left, right and centre. Tescos.”

The customer said that when he heard the voicemail he was shocked but began to get angry when he heard himself being called a “fucker”.

Tesco have apologised to the man in question and also released a statement saying that:  “This incident is clearly not reflective of the high levels of service we expect from our colleagues.

“We are urgently investigating and will take the appropriate action.”

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