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03rd May 2018

Certain Irish Drinkers To Be Out Of Pocket By Around €500-A-Year Under New Law

Darragh Berry

The Irish Mirror is reporting that certain drinkers here in Ireland could be more than out of pocket by around €500 a year if the new alcohol legislation is passed.

The bill – which is currently working its way through the Oireachtas – proposes introducing minimum unit pricing of €1 for each drink sold in Irish shops. 

It is aimed to tackle binge drinking and ‘pre-drinking’ in Ireland and it means that someone who buys a 12-pack of beer for €10 each week for example will end up paying over €20 under the new ‘Minimum Unit Pricing’.

The only way to avoid the effects of this new bill would be to give up drinking in the house and head out for beers instead before the nightclub. 

In 12 months, this would add up to just over €500 and cider drinkers, Bulmers for example, will be hit even harder because their alcohol content is higher (4.5%) than other beers such as Heineken and Carlsberg (4.3%).

Those drinkers could be out of pocket by nearly €600 if they were to purchase one 12-pack each week. 

Bottles of wine will increase by roughly €3 more also. 

The new alcohol bill will also see health warnings on all cans and bottles, much like what is done with cigarette packaging. 

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