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This American's Night Out Just Proves That The Irish Are The Best Craic Ever

By Darragh Berry

March 9, 2018 at 9:41am


What can we say, even the simplest of nights out with us Irish can turn into a night you'll never forget and that's what happened this American fella when he met up with some Irish lads in Texas.

He was out in his local, expecting another quiet night by himself when he bumped into some Irish lads.

Reddit User CantBeConcise said in his post how he had one of the best night's ever with the group of lads and they introduced him to The Pogues. 

It seems like just a normal night out to us but because of the influence of the Irish lads, this american had one of the best night's of his life.

Sounds like any old Tuesday to us tbh:

"I went out tonight expecting a usual night out at the bar. Happened to meet some guys frome Ireland that happened to be in town for some corporate training or some such. Long story short, I play a set of pool games with one of them. I ask him, "What band would have you up on stage singin tonight?" (Karaoke). And he said, The Pogues.

"I have heard the name before but never listened to them. He told me if I signed up for "A Rainy Night In Soho", he would be up there with me. I went outside and listened to it to see if I could do it.

"As it turned out it didn't matter whether I could do it or not because they didn't have it. But I will say that I was happier to have been introduced to a new sound I hadn't heard before.

"Ended up all getting rounds and had a great time.

"(You can tell me if this is true or not but they said out of the states they've been to, Texas is the closest to Ireland due to the "don't fuck around" attitude, both in the good and not as good ways)

"Doubt they'll see this, but thanks to them and thanks to The Pogues for an excellent night!"

We're sure that they had quite the 'Fiesta' alright.

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