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26th Apr 2018

PIC: This Portable Irish Pub Is The Ultimate Party And Festival Item

Darragh Berry

You would be king of the county if you rocked up to your house with this or if you offered to bring it to a party, event or festival to cater for all of your friends.

Every so often, the thought of owning a bar pops into our heads but then we think about the downsides: Being on the other side of the counter, drinking a portion of the stock, having to pay out money to refill said missing stock.

And the dream dies.

But what about having your own pub that is not fixed to the ground. You could be in Mayo one day and Maynooth the next. 

The only catch is, it’s BYOB.

Well, that’s what this Reddit User has done and is currently showing it off in a festival in Louisiana.

Bewleys Irish Pub 2

“It’s made out of 4ft x 10ft panels that bolt together and a tent top is attached to keep the weather out,” the owner states

“Just trying to promote authentic Celtic culture thru music, art, dance, language and good food. CBF host Traditional bands from Ireland, The US, Canada, France, Scotland and Louisiana. 

“Food and cooking are huge down here and the festival centre piece is a Cajun Style cookout where the participants are encouraged to create their version of a traditional Irish dish using Guinness as one of the ingredients. 

“We also have a young musician competition, language classes and dance showcases. All profits go towards promoting Irish culture in SW Louisiana.”

We really hope that it makes an appearance in Ireland really soon.

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