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18th Dec 2017

Irishman Told Drink Guinness By Doctors To Recover From His 26 Operations And Two Amputations

Darragh Berry

The Irish Mirror are reporting that a young father who had a near death experience after falling from a seven-storey building was told to drink Guinness to help build up his strength. 

Dave Conway from Rathcoole in Dublin lost both of his feet in the terrible accident five months ago while working on a construction site in Australia. 

Conway is now looking forward to spending Christmas with his family and the future following his 26 operations and two amputations from just below the knee. 

His brother, Stephen, told the online publication that the day of the fall will never be forgotten. 

“It’s quite ironic really when you think about Dave’s fall. He fell seven storeys at 7am on his daughter’s seventh birthday. It has been a very long road for him and it will continue to be but he knows how blessed he is to be here,” said Stephen.

“He is looking forward to the future and every day he is getting healthier, fitter and closer to getting out of hospital. Everyone is hopeful that Dave will be discharged around March time.

“Dave knows he could have died, that his injuries could have been so much worse. The doctors have even prescribed him Guinness to help build up his strength and he’s loving that.”

Why was he prescribed Guinness? 

Guinness Is Good For You

“Most beers contain a significant amount of antioxidants, B vitamins, soluble fiber, silicon (a mineral which may help protect against osteoporosis) and prebiotics, which promote the growth of ‘good’ bacteria in your gut.

“We showed that Guinness contained the most folate (a B vitamin needed by our bodies to make DNA and other genetic material as well as needed for the cells to divide) of the imported beers we analyzed,” Dr Charlie Bamforth, a professor of brewing sciences at the University of California, Davis, told CNN

Well, You know what they say, “Guinness is good for you”.

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