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08th Apr 2018

“Is There Ever Really Such a Thing As a “Loving” and “Joyous” Breakup?”

Megan Cassidy

After another “joyous” and “loving” celebrity “uncoupling” this week, we reminisce on the joys and machinations of a truly vengeful breakup. We dissect Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum’s breakup statement and ponder on the real meaning of a “loving” split. Does it exist? Does uncoupling eliminate blame? Is it important when there are children in the relationship? Or is it just unrealistic?

Next on the agenda is the insanely popular Netflix documentary ‘Wild Wild Country’. Themes of immigration, a fear of the other and religion are presented perfectly in this true story of a sex cult and the woman at the centre of it.

Before Brunch Book Club launches this week. First on the list is Eimear McBride’s ‘The Lesser Bohemians’. It’s one of two Irish books shortlisted for the International Dublin Literary Prize. We will review it in episode 11, so get reading!

Before Brunch Podcast is the perfect Sunday morning hangover cure. Megan and Cassie chew over all the biggest stories of the week, from the frivolous to the meaningful and everything in between. It’s the same dirt you talk about at Brunch, we’re just digging a little deeper.

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