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Love Sleeping With Your Dog? This Bed Will Save You… Or Your Poor Partner

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An Irish owned company has come to the rescue of many people feeling pushed out of their beds… or their relationship by a dog.

There’s no doubt that dogs are truly the best animals.

They’re cute, funny and can sense when you’re down or upset which is their best trait of all.

While I love my dog to death, I’ve never had him sleep in my bed which is something many of my friends can’t believe.

It appears more than most people let their dogs sleep in their bed which I can imagine is uncomfortable for A) the owner but B) friends/partners who stay over every once in a while!

For anyone sick of being kicked by the dog in their sleep, Andersons Themes and Dreams have come to the rescue.

The Donegal based bed design business can make beds that fit a full size single, doubled or a king-sized bed with a storage house for your dog built in underneath.

The bed will take 14-16 weeks from order to delivery, but I’m sure that time period is nothing compared to the pain you’re feeling if you’re suffering with dog-inflicted pain.

Anyone interested in getting themselves a dog storage bed can click here .

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