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03rd Sep 2018

Tens Of Thousands Of Irish Parents Are Missing Out On Big School Finance Savings

Darragh Berry

Tens of thousands of households across Ireland are feeling the financial pinch of the “Back to School” season.

At an average cost of €999 per primary school child and €1,379 per secondary school child, many households (over 36% in a recent survey) are turning to lenders to source the finance to fund this expensive annual outlay.

However, insurance experts behind the,, and brands are calling on people to look into 3 of the largest expenditures that almost all of these households will have, in an effort to save a maximum of €1000 on their insurance premiums.

Jonathan Hehir MD of the “Insuremy” brands explained how 90% of households should see savings in premiums if they are pro-active in shopping around and how the steps people need to take are relatively straight forward:

“Home, car and travel insurance – 3 expenses almost all families in Ireland have on an annual basis. But how much each household pays for these differs vastly – not just by hundreds – but often by thousands of Euro each year! There is a lot of competition across all markets – which means there is great value out there, but with products like motor insurance the differential between what is offered by one insurer and another can be huge.

“This time of year, families are under real financial pressure and reports reveal that many have to borrow the money they need to get their children off to school in September.

“We are trying to highlight to these parents that there could well be a pretty simple way to alleviate this financial strain somewhat”.

Hehir said that there was one key to reclaiming the maximum amount of money back by doing this:

“The key to making these savings is preparation & timing. While most households will already be locked in to annual insurance policies, the renewal dates roll around quick and fast and so rather than letting them creep up – people should actively pull out their policy documents, take note of when they will be due to renew and put a reminder in their phone to start shopping around 2-4 weeks in advance of this.

“It might seem daunting or simply a pain – but therein lies the folly of most of us – & it’s exactly why we pay over the odds. Our advice is do not be put off – you don’t even have to do the leg work yourself – you can get a broker to do it for you. So, you reap all the financial rewards for very little input”.

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