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15th Jul 2021

Michelin Star chef announces online cookery course for kids

Lynda Keogh

Do you have a foodie kid on your hands, who wants to learn more (and do more) in the kitchen? This course could be the perfect weekend activity.

Well, this Michelin Star chef is coming to your rescue. JP Mc Mahon will be hosting online cookery courses for kids in November – his summer courses were sold out! This could be the chance to help your children can learn all about how to prepare some tasty meals in a fun environment – and you might also benefit from the results!

From (healthy) chicken nuggets, to meatballs and chocolate cake – there’s definitely some delicious dishes to master in these classes! There’s even a Christmas special class!

The website notes that “… the classes also offer parents the chance to pick up a few tips and bond with their kids over everyone’s favourite talking point – food!” JP is a Dad and knows “…just how important it is for kids to learn new skills and for us as parents to encourage passions and talents“.

Do you have a kid that loves to cook with you? This could be the perfect gift for them, and a great way for you to bond too. You can book a full eight weeks, or individual weekends depending on what you might feel like cooking.

You can learn more about the course here

Lead Image via Instagram/mistereatgalway

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