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16th Aug 2018

‘Mountaineering’ – The Adventurous New Irish Dating Trend That’s A Pure Risk

Darragh Berry

We love a gamble. We love cheering on the underdog and hoping that they get the win in the final. We root for the hopeless dancer in the movie just for the small chance that they might turn on the style to impress the girl at Summer Dance.

When it comes to dating, the underdog is always chasing for the girl or the guy. And when they finally get their chance with their ideal date and if they hit it off and starting going out, the underdog is probably going to get told that they’re ‘punching’.

‘Punching above your weight’ means that you’re going out with a 10 when you’re no more than a 6 yourself.

We once called one of our good friends, ‘Mike Tyson’ because he was punching so much with the bird he was going out with from home.

But the process of getting to the stage of ‘punching’ even has a name in itself.

‘Mountaineering’ is when people intentionally go for someone who is out of their league but they will stop at nothing until they climb that mountain and reach the top to obtain their goal.

In a Plenty Of Fish survey – as seen on Metro – they found that men and women are more likely to swipe right for people who are more popular than them.

“It refers to people who reach for the mountain top, regardless of the perceived attractiveness of their potential mate.”

It’s just knowing what you want and not stopping until you get it.

If you’re currently in this process, you’re an absolute soldier and you will get there.

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