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18th Jun 2020

Pet owners can sign up for a free online puppy training class today 

Sarah Finnan

puppy training

With many people having adopted or fostered a pet while in lockdown, there is definitely increased demand when it comes to getting advice on how best to train your furry friend. If you’ve been trying to teach them to ‘sit, stay, roll over’ to no avail, this puppy training webinar might be just the thing to help you out and show you where you’ve been going wrong.

Completely free of charge, the 30-minute webinar is being hosted by the co-founder of dog food brand Werewolf Food. One of the best in the biz, he has over 20 years’ experience having trained detection dogs for governmental services around the world – used by government services both locally and as far afield as Singapore and the USA. Some might say he’s Ireland’s answer to Cesar Millan.

Hoping to focus in on fundamental training tips, he’ll help you grasp the basics so your pup can graduate top of their class. Anyone who has ever played the Nintendo game Nintendogs, will know that training your dog is no easy feat. Sure, that’s a game and this is real life, but the same principles apply and it’s never as simple as it sounds.

Speaking of the idea, Co-founder of Werewolf Food and expert dog trainer, Chris Hanlon, said:

“We’re really excited to host this free webinar and share our dog training skills with those who have recently taken on the responsibility of a dog or puppy. The first few months are really important when a young dog or older dog joins a new home in ensuring that behaviour doesn’t become a problem. The fundamental training skills that we will share are really easy to learn but will make a huge difference.

Tune in to the puppy training webinar this evening at 5:30pm. Just make sure to email [email protected] ahead of time to make sure you’re sent out the link/password to the webinar.

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