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Eight Things Every Couple Should Own When Moving Into Their First Gaff

By Sarah

May 17, 2018 at 1:52pm


So you've signed the lease, handed over half of your yearly salary and an ounce of your blood and tah dah! You've finally got yourself a cute new place to live with your beloved.

Well done, we hope you're ready for the ride of your life. (Get your head out of the gutter, please.)

Before moving into the new abode and getting settled, let's talk essential home stuff here. As someone who has recently made that exciting yet scary move let me say that you will forget things. Last minute trips to IKEA will be on the cards, but if you're super organised you might be alright. 

While other people are telling you to stock up on frozen foods and first aid kits, here's eight bits that you don't think you'll need until you're in the gaff. 

You're welcome x 

1. An eye mask – seriously

You might think you'll never need it but when someone *cough cough I am guilty* stays up until all hours of the night reading with the lamp on then it's prob a good idea for the other person to have an eye mask at the ready to block out any light. 

Penneys has some cute ones in store at the mo. 

And while we're at it... Invest in some good ear plugs. 

2. A great coffee machine 

You will need caffeine. And lots of it. Get into the habit of making your coffee at home in the morning and just bring it into work in a cute Keep Cup. 

I've been using this new Lattissima One machine from Nespresso (about €250 but just think of all the money you'd spend on expensive flat whites!) and it makes the BEST barista style coffees. 

Screen Shot 2018 04 04 At 21 24 05

3. Grown up art

No posters hanging off the walls with Blu-Tack, please. Ireland has heaps of amazing artists and stores where you can get limited edition prints and photographs to hang on your walls and cheer the place up. 

Top tip? Get a bulk pack of cheap frames from IKEA and head to somewhere like Jam Art Factory or Hen's Teeth to pick up some amazing art that you'll have forever.

Ronan Dillon Toucan Twocan 1050X Progressive

'Toucan, Twocans' by Ronan Dillon: €95 at Hen's Teeth 

4. A realllly nice casserole dish 

When life hits you hard and all you want is a nice hot meal then a casserole dish will be your BFF. It sounds granny-ish, we know, but you can't beat a good chicken casserole or pie and they taste better from a good cast iron dish. 

Le Creuset are the best of the best, and while they are mad pricey (as in 200 quid), you will literally have this bad boy for the rest of your life. It's sturdy AF. 

Screen Shot 2018 04 04 At 21 38 21

5. A big snuggly blanket 

'Cos is it even fun living together as a couple if you can't get all cute and cosy while watching Netflix together? 

A warm blanket for the sofa will make everything way better. And probs save you money on the heating. 

6. And PJs that are actually cute 

Do NOT kill the romance by living in gross sweats. At least, don't do it just yet. 

H&M and Penneys always have cute and cheap pyjamas or splash out on a fancy pair from & Other Stories.

Screen Shot 2018 04 04 At 21 45 47

7. Cookbooks

No matter how good a cook you are, chances are you'll run out of inspo for what to make for dinner. 

Cooking for two can be a bit more effort so here's a fun idea: pick a new recipe each to make each week and get the ingredients in the food shop. Who needs to go out for dinner, eh?

I'm loving the Mezzogiorno southern Italian one, Dunne & Crescenzi for pastas and salads and Gordon Ramsay's World Kitchen for legit everything else. 

Screen Shot 2018 04 04 At 21 49 39

8. Drinks trolley and lotsa booze 

Look, you guys have to let loose every now and again. Best thing about living with your other half? No annoying roommates who have to get up for work early on a Sunday morning, putting an end to any weekend party plans. 

Stock up on some drink and nice glasses and show it all off on a drinks trolley. I got a cheapie one from IKEA and just spray painted it metallic rose gold but if you wanted something really fab this West Elm one is what drinks dreams are made of...

Screen Shot 2018 04 04 At 21 53 54

Now, happy living lads and lassies!

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