PICS: Penneys Selling World Famous €225 'Rainbow Bag' Replica For A Tennor

It's a steal, folks.

Dani Dyer Bag

You may remember Dani and Jack from Love Island headed to Ireland for an interview with Ray D'Arcy last weekend.

There were the talk of the town in Dublin and Dani's bag was the talk of social media.

It was all the colours of the rainbow and people were going mad to find out where she got it, what it was and more so, how much did it cost.

It's a bit on the expensive side at €225 but Penneys have revealed that they are selling a replica of the bag for just €10.

In their new Autumn/Winter collection, the clothing company said that they had the bag which is the spitting image of the designer one.

Here it is:

Rainbow Bag Penneys

Sure they're practically twins.

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