Top Irish Money Expert Reveals How You Can Easily Save €9,000 A Year

By Darragh Berry

April 15, 2019 at 11:09am

Top Irish Money Expert Reveals How You Can Easily Save €9,000 A Year

He's being portrayed as Ireland's newest, Eddie Hobbs, but Eoin McGee is attempting to step out of Hobbs' financial shadow and stamp his own name on the RTÉ circuit.

McGee's new show, How To Be Good With Money, will help the 85% of Irish people who are unable to manage their monthly budget.

The 38-year-old, as well as helping people to manage their wages better, will also be on hand to help people save a euro or two here and there.

Or in some cases, as much as €9,000.

McGee believes that people are not good with their money in Ireland at the moment and wants to "help them ensure that they’re using it in the best way.”

Speaking to The Irish Sun, McGee said that someone who smokes on a daily basis could be sitting on a saving goldmine.

Buying lunch out instead of bringing it with you is a massive killer according to McGee.

The €5+ you could be spending per day on a chicken fillet roll or a salad could total up to as much as €4,000 by the end of the year.

And if you think that's a big number, the amount the average person spends on cigarettes is eye-watering.

"If you’re smoking just 10 cigarettes a day, that’s more than €4,000 a year. If it’s a packet a day, that’s around €9,000 which is a huge expenditure no matter what you earn."

His message: If you stop smoking, save what you would normally spend on cigarettes.

For those who are aiming to put children through college, he said that you don't need to put away a serious amount of cash each month but instead, be smart about where you're putting that money.

“If you saved it all, you’d still need to add €170 a month to it to get them through college.

“But if you put it in a proper long-term investment account then you’d only need to add €40 a month to it."

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