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16th Oct 2018

Small But Worrying Amount Of Couples Admit To Doing This Bizarre Thing During Sex

Darragh Berry

In the age of the smartphone, it seems like it’s almost impossible to get away from your little device but surely checking your notifications should be just forbidden in certain places like in the shower, at mass and during the act of love making.

Eh, what was that last one?

Yep, that’s right, just under one in ten people have checked their phone during sex according to a new survey carried out by mobile connectivity company iPass.

7% of the people surveyed admitted to taking time out to have a quick glance at their phone while in the midst of passion (doesn’t say much for their partner, does it?)

If you put that into an Irish context, that means that around 315,000 of us have taken a smartphone pit stop.

Absolutely bizarre.

The researchers surveyed over 1,700 people around Europe and found that people check their phones in the most strangest of situations (72% on the toilet, 36% at a meeting, 11% at a funeral…)

They even said that Wi-Fi could be as addictive as sex, drugs or alcohol and found that over 66% of people felt anxious when not connected to wireless internet.

Ah here though, internet or no internet, will you throw the phones away while doing the deed!

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