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Any Irish Person Who Is A Regular At The Gym Should Be Very Wary About This Happening

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According to the head of Ireland’s anti-doping team, there are thousands of Irish gym goers out there who take dangerous food supplements and don’t know exactly what is in them. 

Sport Ireland’s Anti-Doping Chief, Dr Una May, has warned Irish people to be aware of what they are putting into their bodies as it could be doing more harm than good to them. 

Dr May told The Irish Sun that: “Supplements are a major issue across the board.”

“People are believing everything they read in fitness magazines and what they see on the labels of these tubs. They don’t acknowledge the lack of real controls over these supplements.

“There have been many research projects into these and they’re finding between 15 and 20% of supplements on sale in any country at any given time contain substances that would be banned. That means anything from amphetamines, stimulants, steroids — you name it, these things are contaminated with them.”

The Food Safety Authority have tried to act out on these ‘illegal’ supplements but they are finding it very hard to shut down the suppliers. 

“If a company is found doing something dubious they just close down and start again with a new name selling the same thing.

“You could have any sort of underlying heart condition that you don’t know about so if you add a stimulant or something it could be dangerous.”

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