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12th Dec 2019

Surprising number of people didn’t know about viral gift-wrapping hack

Darragh Murphy

Gift-wrapping hack

A surprising number of people didn’t know about the gift-wrapping hack that has gone viral on TikTok.

With Christmas fast approaching, people have been blown away by a handy tip on how to make use of small amounts of wrapping paper.

The hack was posted to TikTok by @mrs_dee_penda and it has since been viewed millions of times.

It basically involves wrapping square gifts diagonally to get the most out of little pieces of wrapping paper.

Plenty of people were already well aware of this method and have been wrapping presents like that for years but the traction it has gathered on social media shows that there are millions who weren’t familiar.

The video is so popular that it has since crossed over to other social media platforms and gone viral there too.

Actress Danielle Brooks spoke for many with her response to the video on Twitter as she insisted that “this changes the game.”

If you’re looking for more gift-wrapping tips and tricks then @Mrs_Dee_Penda is well worth a follow because she’s got a couple of other techniques up her sleeve when it comes to wrapping presents efficiently.

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