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10th May 2018

Ten Genius Ways To Save Some Cash On The Festival Circuit This Summer


Being money savvy is hard at the best of times but it’s even harder when you’re at a festival where sense and responsibility is the last thing you want to worry about.

With that in mind, here are some great ways to help you NOT burn a massive hole in your pocket. 

1. Bring Food and Water

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It might seem like a no-brainer but this is a really easy way to keep costs down because on-site food and drink is super expensive.

High-energy protein snacks and fruit like bananas can help keep you full and handy to carry around.

Sources of free water can be busy during the day so filling a large plastic container early in the morning or at night, when the taps aren’t busy, is a handy to way to ensure you always have water. You can then pour it out it into a sports water bottle during the day. 

2. Bring Cash… And Keep It Safe 

Cash is king at festivals but you should make sure you’re not just stuffing it into your pockets. A money belt or a belt bag is the safest way to carry money, cards and other small valuable items.

Personal Financial Advisor, Paul Merriman of also advises people not to use onsite ATMs.

“Avoid using onsite ATMs at festivals and entertainment venues, as they’re an expensive convenience, generally charging extra for withdrawals.”

3. Hitch A Ride

Check out who’s going and, if you can, share transport, where everyone can contribute to fuel and parking costs.  

Paul says you should “use social media, or link with friends; it may even make sense to hire a car and share the cost, as having the boot space to store food and water and personal items is useful.”

Also, more room for beer so win win.

4. Fare Deal

If car sharing doesn’t work then book your journey in advance to get the lowest fares possible.

5. Valuables

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For three days, you can live with your cheaper sunglasses, phone and watch. 

But if you just HAVE to have your 800 quid phone, carry it on you at all times and sleep with it at the bottom of your sleeping bag. 

According to Paul, you won’t need a locker if you travel light and sensibly.

6. Don’t Lose it

When you do lose that 800 quid phone, (and there’s always one) remember you’ll have more of a chance of finding it if you have ‘find my phone’ enabled. You can also put a note of your mate’s mobile phone number, with a message to ring, as your lock-screen, in case it’s found on the site.

“Remember to write down your mobile phone’s unique IMEI number (find by pressing * # 06 #) to quote if reporting a lost or stolen phone, ” says Paul.

7. Budget, budget, budget! 

Setting yourself a daily budget for food and drink and only bringing that much with you will help you manage your spend while living your best life / acting the fool for three days.

8. Volunteer

A handy way to get your food, merchandise, accommodation or even your ticket is to volunteer. Check with the promoter to see if there they need any help with set-up or managing on-site facilities. 

Some vendors may also look for volunteers in exchange for food, or merchandise. This would allow you to help and still enjoy the music. 

10. Merch

It’s always nice to bring something home with you (other than a hangover) to remember the festival, but on-site merchandise can be hella expensive. 

A good way to get around this is to make an offer on the t-shirt when vendors are packing up to leave, or check online afterwards, for really low prices, as the retailers liquidate left-over stock. 

Now all we need is the good weather. 

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