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26th Jan 2018

Ten Surefire Ways Of Getting Your Flight Upgraded According To Flying Specialists

Darragh Berry

Sometimes on a flight, when we’re squished up beside some randomer who has asked to swap seats with you so that they can be nearer the window, we dream.

Dream about a magical place where you have lots of leg room, where seats are comfy and recline, where relaxation and peace is the order of the day and it feels like you’re floating instead of flying. 

Of course, we think that’s what sitting on an upgraded seat on an airplane would be like but then again, we have no idea. 

However, the flying specialists over at Skyscanner do know quite a lot about that sort of thing and have revealed ten things that people can try their hand at when it comes to upgrading their ticket. 

1. Travel at quiet times – “booking flights on bank holidays and at other times of the year when business users are less likely to fly, as the seats tend not to be taken up.”

2. Spend lots of money – NEXT. 

3. Be loyal to your airline – Joining the airline’s loyalty program will mean that you get rewarded first. 

4. Be early for your flight – They don’t say exactly how early you should be but if it’s a case that you’re miraculously there a solid hour or two before anyone else, it might be no harm to ask as there might be one or two upgrade places available. 

5. Be late for your flight – Okay. Opposite end of the scale than point 4 but if you arrive late and your flight is overbooked, you might be able to bag a premium class ticket, if you’re lucky. 

6. Check your emails – Often, Air France has been known to email people a couple of times on the day of their flight offering a cheap upgrade.

7. Get mad – If you have something to kick a fuss up over, you might be rewarded for your troubles. It has to be a valid reason though, like a mix-up with flights or tickets or bags, not ‘I want an upgrade because I’m sick of looking at my other half’. 

8. Be nice – One member told Skyscanner this tale: 

“Flying to the US a few years ago, I boarded the plane late (as usual) and there was an old chap sitting down in my seat. 

The stewardess (who I’d chatted to on the way in) was nearby and heard the guy saying he just wanted to sit next to his wife. I told her I didn’t mind sitting in his seat (it was the row behind I think) and off she went, only to return five minutes later. She asked me to follow her…all the way up to business class!”

9. Dress up – No, not Halloween style dressing up. They mean look decent when you’re boarding the plane. Leave the trackies and the hoodys at home. Think about it, you’re not going to look the part in first/business class dressed like you’re going for a kick around with your mates. 

10. Try your luck – Don’t ask, don’t get. 

We’ll be trying one if not all of these next time we’re heading on our holliers.

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