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12th Feb 2018

The Irish Lent Saving Challenge Could Save You €1,000 In Just Over A Month

Darragh Berry

If you’ve never been motivated to go off anything for Lent before, this might change your mind. 

Time Magazine, has showed people just how easy it is to save up to nearly €1,000 in 40 days (or 46 days if you count the Sundays, people normally like to have a cheat day every Sunday.)

The concept is very simple, go off something for Lent and then put the money that you would have spent into a jar. 

But, there is a twist

If you crack, and you know there will be multiple times of temptation, you have to put double the amount of what you spent in the jar. 

For example, if you buy a sugary drink each day but want to give that up, that’s around €2 that will be going into this new kitty and will save you around €70-80 over the course of Lent. 

if you were to break out and buy one though during Lent, you would then have to put €4 in the jar, €2 for the price of it and €2 for cracking.

That’s not too bad but it gets more serious.

You decide to go off cigarettes for the duration of Lent and on top of that, you’re packing in the drink too. 

Say you go out once a week and spend about €100 (at least) on your nights out and smoke 20 cigarettes every day or every two days. 

That works out at nearly €1,000 throughout Lent saved. (€100 x 6 weeks and €50 x 6 weeks).

However, if you decide to break out and go on an almighty session and spend €200 on cigarettes and booze together while out, you then have to put €400 in the kitty to make up for your binge.

You have the potential to save a lot of money doing this and the more things you give up, the more money you save.

As well as this, it will force you not to break your pact unless you want to part with even more money.

Would you give this a go?

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