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13th Mar 2018

The Official Top 10 Influencers In Ireland Have Been Revealed


Once a title that was reserved only for the creme de la creme, like oh, Beyonce maybe, the idea of being an ‘influencer’ has snuck into our daily lives in the past few years. 

While it seems that anyone with a good eye for flat lay photos and a #plandid photo can rack up a few thousands followers and call themselves influencers, there are a worthy few who have made a fully functioning brand out of themselves. 

Do you follow Irish influencers? If so, chances are you’ve been keeping up with these 10. 

The official ranking was released by SERMO, a global luxury and lifestyle communications network, who use their own 70:30 data relationship algorithm to calculate their influence scores and identify influencers. 

The 70% data score comprises reach across all social platforms and the 30% relationship score is based on “human judgement of professionalism, creativity and peer influence.”

The funny thing is that half of the top influencers on their list are new – trends come and go folk, so enjoy those PR events while you can. 

Ireland’s top 10 influencers are all pretty familiar faces:

1. Suzanne Jackson (@sosueme_ie)

​2. Pippa O’Connor Ormond (@pipsy_pie)

3. Roz Purcell (@rozannapurcell)

4. Joanne Larby (@makeupfairypro)

5. Erika Fox (@retroflame)

6. Anouska (@anouskapb)

7. Lauren Arthurs (@lovelauren_eu)

8. James Kavanagh (@jamesalankavanagh)

9. Louise Cooney (@louisecooney_)

10. Lorna Weightman (@styleisleirl)