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23rd Nov 2017

This Is Apparently The WORST Alcoholic Beverage For Your Skin

Megan Cassidy

If you want a glowing complexion, it looks like you may have to lay off the red wine. 

We already knew that alcohol is the enemy of good skin, but it turns out that not all beverages are created equal in that department. 

According to experts, some drinks do more damage than others, with red wine ranking among the very worst. 

One of London’s top cosmetic dermatologists, Dr. Sam Bunting, told Cosmopolitan it’s the histamines in the glass of red that promote redness and flushing. 

He said: “This makes it the worst drink, particularly if you’re prone to redness or rosacea.”

So what’s the good news? Well, apparently tequila is not so bad for your mug at all.

The spirit contains less sugar than almost any other alcoholic drink, meaning less inflammation. However, when you add the salt you’re back on the skin-damaging track, so you can’t win really. 

Cheers to bad skin I guess. 

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