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04th Jun 2018

This MASSIVE Limerick Gaff Has Its Own Private Cinema And Swimming Pool


We’ve seen a lot of gorgeous properties knocking about lately, but this Limerick house takes the biscuit.

Surrounded by 16 acres of gorgeous gardens and parklands, the €3,500,000 property oozes the perfect combination of wealth, luxury and character.

Fedamore House was originally built in 1880, making it more than 130 years old, and has since been extended. The two additional wings on either side of the house mean that the property encloses around a gorgeous courtyard.


Image: Sherry Fitzgerald

Stunning décor runs throughout the entire house, with each room boasting a different style.


Image: Sherry Fitzgerald

A games room is just one of the fab features of the house, with a pool table, TV, a toasty fire and, oh, is that a bar in the far corner???


Image: Sherry Fitzgerald

All of the bedrooms look super duper cosy, and with underground heating running throughout the house you wouldn’t need to worry about getting cold during wintertime (or during Spring in Ireland – we’re talking about you Storm Emma).


Image: Sherry Fitzgerald

We are dreaming of having a toasty bubble bath in this bathroom right now.


One of the best assets of the house is a private cinema – imagine being able to flake here on a hungover Sunday.


Image: Sherry Fitzgerald

And last, but certainly not least, is an indoor heated swimming pool that looks absolutely incredible.

Seriously, is there anything this house doesn’t have?


Image: Sherry Fitzgerald

You can check out the full listing of this dreamy house here.

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