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08th Mar 2022

This Twitter account is calling out the gender pay gap for International Women’s Day

Fiona Frawley

twitter homepage for Gender Pay Gap bot

Feminist computer says no.

International Women’s Day and holidays of that irk always run the risk of being a bit tokenistic. Corporations tweeting about women empowering women, quoting Maya Angelou and doling out the pink cupcakes – we all know the drill. This year however, no company is safe from the wrath of the Gender Pay Gap Bot, a Twitter page sharing the gender pay gaps within any business that tweets about International Women’s Day.

The bots bio reads: Employers, if you tweet about International Women’s Day, I’ll retweet your gender pay gap, and in the last hour alone over 30 businesses have been called out for gender pay gap discrepancies. For example:

No business is safe. Especially not those with pay gaps of close to 50%, of which there have been a few, according to the bot.

The page has been met with hugely positive response – everyone’s a fan of massive companies being called out for lip service. One Twitter user wrote: “This account is doing the lords work”, while another said “Feeling rather jaded this International Women’s Day but one thing I have enjoyed is this account highlighting the hypocrisy of empty social media statements which companies like to wheel out every March whilst taking no meaningful action to change the situation”.

Header image via Twitter/Gender Pay Gap Bot 

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