More than 100 Puppies And Dogs Rescued From Illegal Breeder

They were kept in very poor condition

Rescue Puppies Ispca

Over 100 dogs and puppies were rescued from an illegal breeder and private home in Co Roscommon last week.

The ISPCA has said that the 86 dogs and 23 puppies were being kept in "very poor conditions" but are now being cared for in animal centres in Donegal and Roscommon.

According to RTÉ news, a number of Pugs, Cocker Spaniels, French bulldog's, Shih Tzu's and other mixed breeds were found following an ISPCA inspection by the Dog Warden last Friday.

Many of the rescues were found with eye conditions, ear infections and mange.

The ISPCA said the dogs were in obvious distress with only one person to care for them.

25 of the dogs were sent to Dogs Trust, but it will be a number of weeks before they are ready for re-homing.

They will need to be vaccinated and neutered and micro-chipped.

The ISPCA has urged owners to neuter their dogs to avoid unplanned and unwanted litters.

This is disgraceful.

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Jennifer Cosgrove