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22nd Oct 2017

5 People Guaranteed To Comment On Your Profiler on Facebook

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Changing your profile photo is a big commitment. You’ve probably picked it hours, maybe even days in advance and you’ve waited for that peak time to push it out on social media so you can rake in those likes. Don’t lie, we all do it. 

Of course putting out a picture like that is bound to get a few comments from the people who love you most, right?

Here are the people who are guaranteed to give your profiler a bit of extra love and attention.

1. Your Friend Who Slags You

You and this friend love to take the piss out of one another. 

If there is anything that they can spot in your profiler, be it a lazy eye or hole in your shoe, they will be the ones to point it out. They will also scrutinise that caption you spent hours trying to come up with and make you look like a bit of a pleb. 

You’ll be sure to give it back next time they change theirs however. Ah sure, the banter is 90. 

2. Your Supportive Mate

Yes this person is key during your time of need. The stress of wondering if that person you fancy is going to like your picture or not, or if you’ll pass the 100 likes mark is unbearable. 

Having a friend like this to comment and tell you that you look great is the perfect way of reassuring you that changing your profile photo to that particular photo was a great idea, YES! 

3. THAT Relative

Be it an aunty, grandmother, whoever, this person loves to write a long winded paragraph on your photo sending their love to your brothers and sisters. 

Everyone needs a little bit of cringe in their life however and you are always sure to give their comment a like.

They are always sure to tell you about the weather and to sign off in email format.

All the best,


4. The Friend You Forced

This is usually a friend that you are super comfortable with and have no shame in asking to help you out in the likes department. Boyfriends and girlfriends are key for this also.

This is the friend that you will message when your streak of likes is running low. You write to them panicked asking them to write something, anything on your picture so that it will go back to the top of every news feed. 

5. Your Sibling

This one can come in many forms. From you sister making sure to comment saying “Oii that’s my top” to your brother taking the mickey out of you for being a poser. 

Sure look, that’s what family is for… right?

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