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02nd May 2018

A Cleaner At RTÉ Has Found Human Faeces At The Back Of A Fridge

James Fenton

If you’ve ever found anything gross at the back of your fridge then spare a thought for the poor folks at RTÉ.

The Irish Sun reports that last week, a cleaner at the station’s Montrose HQ came across a piece of cardboard covered in human waste at the back of a fridge. Employees at the broadcaster had noticed a foul stench over a number of weeks before the shocking discovery was made. The excrement was found in the fridge’s fan after the cleaner probed further in order to locate where the stench was coming from. Staff had previously been asked to clear out all food from the fridge in order to solve the mystery.

A source told the publication:

“It was some weeks ago that they first noticed the stink.

“Management asked everyone to clear out any food from a fridge. Yet the bad smell got even worse — with staff even cracking jokes about an ‘RTE Soiler Alert’.

“Keen to get to the bottom of the issue, the cleaners investigated. And it was only when they removed the fridge they located a piece of cardboard smeared with human dung in its fan.”

‘Soiler alert?’ Fairly shite pun, that. Sorry.

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