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29th Aug 2018

A Horse Has Died And Two Gardaí Have Been Injured After A Collision In Limerick

James Fenton

The Garda Representative Association has confirmed that two officers were injured yesterday morning after a horse collided with two horses in Limerick yesterday.

A post headed ‘HIDDEN DANGERS’ goes on to state:

‘Speedy recovery to the two Garda members from Roxboro Road station in Limerick whom were injured by two loose horses.

‘One of our colleagues remains in hospital with a broken arm and head wounds. The job of the Frontline is hugely unpredictable.

‘We thank you.

A Garda spokesperson added:

‘At approximately 4.30am, on Tuesday 28 August 2018, Gardaí were attending an incident on the N18 between Limerick Tunnel and Roxboro Road junction, when an official vehicle was struck by a runaway horse which was killed instantly.”