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11th Apr 2017

A Pretty Pink Moon Will Be In The Sky Tonight – Here’s How You Can See It


One night each year in April, a pale pink sphere rises in the sky – signalling the awakening of plants, animals, and the tired human soul (at least that’s the myth around this particular moon.)

The Pink Moon gets its name from ground phlox, one of the very first Spring flowers to bloom a pretty pink. although depending on the sky it might not actually resemble a pink-ish hue.

This year, the moon will be in its pink phase tonight, April 11, so pop outside and gaze up at the sky.

Where to see it…

Just follow the slanted lines on the graph below to see what time the moon will be at its brightest in your area.
Pink Moon

Image: PA Graphics

The Pink Moon = Things falling into place 

Cosmically, it is all coming together — wildish energy, unavoidable challenge, self-doubt, reaffirmation, and renewal — under April’s Full Pink Moon coupled with a lunar eclipse in Scorpio,” Mooncircles says. 

“Don’t you feel the urge to get moving? … Would you like to take your primary relationship to the next level, or reconnect with a long-gone friend? There is no better time and place than right now, right here.”

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