Air Pollution In Ireland Is Contributing To Three Deaths A Day

"Transformational change" required in how Ireland interacts with its environment

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The Environmental Protection Agency have just released their latest study findings, and the results are extremely worrying.

It has shown that 1,200 people a year in Ireland die prematurely as a result of air pollution. 

This is equivalent to three deaths a day

Conditions caused by the air pollution include strokes and heart disease.

Contributing further to the dirty air are fumes from vehicle exhausts, the burning of fossil fuels and smoke from tobacco products.

The study, which is undertaken every four years by the EPA, aims to analyse Ireland's environment with regards to its water, air and natural resources. They are calling for a "transformational change" since the release of the latest findings.

Ireland's air quality is continually worsening, and is set to exceed EU regulations soon unless something is done to combat it.

However, the introduction of Dublin's smoky coal ban of 1990 has helped to improve our air conditions since its inception.

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