American Girl Makes Online Appeal To Find Irish Lad She Met On Night Out

This isn't creepy at all

Erykah And Harvey 1

This is either the cutest or the creepiest thing we've seen in a while. 

Erykah Alzaga was in Dublin with her sister when she met Colm from Meath and fell for him, despite only meeting once.

Afterwards, Erykah took to Facebook and posted on the group 'Ireland's Travel Tips' to try find her mysterious beaux.

"Okay, so this is a long shot and I’m a hopeless romantic but my last night in Dublin I met this guy name Colm I believe his last name is Harvey ???. My sister and I hung out with him and his friends all night but I never got contact information and I’m shooting myself in the foot for this. I’ve searched on Facebook with no luck."

Erykah And Harvey 2

"A part of me wants to leave it to the universe and the other part wants to give the universe a push.I’m planning on going back next summer and stopping by his town Ashbourne in Meath county."

She has since posted that her plea worked and Colm has messaged her.

We guess Colm didn't mind her saying she be "visiting" Ashbourne anyway before she got in contact again. 

Ah... young, er, love?

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