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15th May 2019

Anti-Gay Preacher Brands Minister Flanagan “A Wicked And Evil Person”

Rebecca Keane

The preacher has confirmed someone else will be visiting Ireland in his place.

Anti-LGBT, anti-Semitic preacher Steven Anderson was the first person ever to be barred from entering Ireland earlier this week.

The exclusion order was procured from a judge by Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan.

As news spread Steven L Anderson, who is based in Arizona, was due to deliver a sermon in Dublin on May 26, over 14,000 people signed a petition from Changing Attitude Ireland opposing Anderson’s visit as he “advocated exterminating LGBT+ people”.

The petition states, ‘Steven Anderson is a Holocaust-denier, Islamophobe and anti-LGBT+ extremist who is scheduled to preach in Dublin, Ireland on May 26, 2019, possibly in an attempt to get people to change their minds on last year’s abortion referendum.’

Minister Flanagan signed the exclusion order on Sunday with immediate effect, under the Immigration Act 1999.

He said, “I have signed the exclusion order under my executive powers in the interests of public policy.”

Anderson has replied to the banning order, saying he was “not unhappy” as Ireland is his 32nd country be excluded from.

The Baptist preacher, who has no affiliation with any Christian church, said Minister Flanagan is a “wicked and evil person” and “anti- the true word of God”.

He has admitted spending nights praying for Barack Obama’s death and has equated homosexuality with paedophilia.

Anderson has also gained notoriety for denying the Holocaust and defended the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016 that claimed the lives of 49 people.

The identity of the person due to take Anderson’s place to talk at an event on May 26th has not been confirmed, nor the location of where they will speak.

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