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17th Dec 2017

Footballer Who Knocked Ireland Out Of Euros ’16 Under Fire For “Racist” Costume


Antoine Griezmann, a French footballer who plays for Atletico Madrid, has come under fire for an offensive and racist photo he posted to Twitter earlier this evening that showed him dressed up in a ‘blackface’ NBA Basketballer costume.

The footballer is known in Ireland for breaking many a heart when he scored two goals against Ireland in the second round of the 2016 Euros, knocking the Irish team out of the running.

Griezmann posted the picture of himself dressed up as a player from a Harlem with the caption ’80’s Party’ and his full body and face painted dark.

Within minutes of posting, people were calling out the footballer for his use of blackface, asking him to delete the tweet and apologise 

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Despite the photo gaining traction, Antoine originally defended his costume – tweeting “Calm down my friends, I’m a fan of Harlem globetrotters and those good times… It’s a tribute”.

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People couldn’t believe he didn’t see what he had done wrong. 

After nearly two hours, Antoine deleted the photo and offered what appears to be his way of apology: “I agree that it was ill advised of me. If I hurt some people, excuse me.”

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Hmm. No excuse for this sort of carry on. 

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