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24th Nov 2017

A Website Has Predicted The Most Popular Baby Names For 2018


When you have a baby you are left with the all important dilemma of what name you’re going to give them, because frankly they’ll have it for their entire life.

If you’re expecting or planning to have a baby next year, website Babygaga have analysed the popular baby names over the past number of years and have predicted a list of boys and girls names for 2018.

Here’s the top 10 most anticipated names for each gender next year:


10. Hazel

9. Ellie

8. Victoria

7. Penelope

6. Savannah

5. Kennedy

4. Violet

3. Sadie

2. Charlotte

1. Emma


10. Alexander

9. Adam

8. Corin

7. Dylan

6. Reuban

5. Theodore

4. Oliver

3. Atticus

2. Jack

1. Finn

Do any of them tickle your fancy?

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