Bad News For eFlow Users – Its Tags Are Soon Going To Be Disabled At These Major Toll Plazas

Drivers will have to pay by card or cash instead


This isn't good.

eFlow has announced that it will suspend operations at a number of toll locations from the end of August – because it can't reach a required agreement with operators Celtic Roads Group.

The affected locations, according to a statement on its website, are:

  • M1 (Gormanston – Monasterboice)
  • M7/M8 (Portlaoise – Castletown/Portlaoise – Cullahill)
  • N25 (Waterford City Bypass)

However, the companies are still in discussions, and it's hoped that an agreement will be reached before the stoppage – which is "to protect the integrity of the service that eFlow provides for their tag customers" – comes into effect.

Hopefully that will be the case – because let's be honest, nobody really wants to deal with those queues.

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan