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26th Nov 2021

Beloved Galway nightclub is closing its doors for good

Katy Thornton

They will be sorely missed.

It was with heavy hearts that we read Electric Galway’s Instagram update today. After 30 long years in business, they are closing Electric, Halo, and all of their associated businesses. The toll of the pandemic, and “over six hundred days of complete closure” has resulted in this decision being made.

The update states: “We hope that this house will continue as a place for dancing and find a new owner with the same enthusiasm for bringing people together. Even though we may not be the ones to reap the rewards, we hope a brighter future lies ahead for Irish nightclubs.” The Abbeygate venue is due to go on the market soon.

Many nightclubs have felt the difficult effects of nearly two years of closure. The update from Electric Galway states: “We hope Galway (and Ireland’s) longest surviving nightclubs are not lost forever.

Galway locals will be devastated by this news. The club opened in the 90s and was much loved by residents and tourists alike.

Header image via Facebook/electricgalway

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