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25th Jan 2019

Bertie Ahern Responds To Rumours About That Viral WhatsApp Voice Note

Kiara Keane

Bertie Ahern has responded to the bizarre rumours currently doing the rounds that he created a fake Tinder profile pretending to be someone else.

In a WhatsApp voice note that quickly went viral, a woman had claimed that the former Taoiseach created the fake profile and then met another woman for dinner.

She claimed that she had been told the story by a male colleague who was friends with the woman who had gone to dinner with Ahern.

She also claimed that the Taoiseach told the woman he was using a fake profile because he is a public figure, and she only discovered who he really was when they met up at the restaurant.

The Independent reports that a spokesperson for Ahern has now responded to the rumours, saying that the WhatsApp voice note is “complete rubbish” and that all the claims are “100% untrue”.

They said, “It is unfair that anyone would be subjected to this in any walk of life either political or otherwise. Something should be done to protect people from this sort of thing.”

WhatsApp recently announced that it would be introducing a new feature that would limit the amount of times a message could be forwarded, in order to stop the spread of fake news.

Users will only be able to forward a message a total of five times, instead of the current 20.

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