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28th Nov 2018

Online Shoppers Have Noticed Some Pretty Shady Activity With Boohoo’s Black Friday Sales


Many of us will have spent quite a bit of time and money online on the hunt for bargains in the Black Friday and Cyber Week sales last week.

It’s the best way to get a deal before Christmas so you’d be mad not to avail of the massive discounts, right?

Well, you may not have been getting as much of a bargain as you thought. In fact, you may have actually paid more for a product than you would have before the sales.

Online retailer Boohoo, known for its great deals, is one of the many online retailers that take part in the Black Friday sales. This year it had a number of discounts across the website.

Some of the deals include 30% off all items for women and 50% off menswear.

If you have a lot of parties this to go to this Christmas, then Boohoo’s sale would be the ideal place to pick a few outfits up without breaking the bank.

However, it seems that the online retailer changed their discount percentage to the Black Friday discount, which was significantly less than the original reduction.

In the photos below posted in a Facebook group, a person claims the first photo was taken months before the Black Friday sales and the other one was during the Black Friday sale.

The first photo shows that the original price was €95 and was discounted a massive 75% to €24.

The second photo shows the discount price being changed to only 30% or Black Friday making the dress €66.50 to buy – €42.50 more expensive than the previous price.

Bohoo Black Friday 1
Boohoo Black Friday 2

It looks like other people noticed it too and took to Twitter to express their disappointment. reached out to Boohoo, but they declined to make a comment at this time.

In addition to this, shoppers in the UK shared screenshots on Twitter showing that Boohoo increased the original prices before Black Friday sale making it look like there was more of a discount.

However, the items ended up being more expensive.

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