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17th Nov 2018

PIC: Hundreds Of Irish People From Around The Country Flocked To The Opening Of This Shop On Friday Morning

Darragh Berry

Now, much like Father Dougal, we’re “no good at judging the size of crowds, but we’d say there’s about seventeen million of them out there.”

Ah no, we wouldn’t go that far but there was some size queue for the opening of the new Born clothes shop in Mayo on Friday morning.

This snap was taken by ‘The Galway Player’ Kieran O’Malley who said that there was a “serious turnout” for the grand opening.

Born’s motto is “affordable and accessible High Street Fashion for the whole family” and is renowned for its constant sales and low prices of men and women’s clothes.

With the opening of this new store in Claremorris, they’ve announced that there would be 25% off everything all weekend so it’s no wonder people are still queueing in their hundreds down there.

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