AIB Customers Have Been Experiencing Some Major (Annoying) Issues This Morning

But don't worry. Your money is safe.


No queues, 24/7 access and the ability to move money around in mere seconds – internet banking is bloody great.

So it's no wonder we've come to rely upon it so heavily – and it's no wonder that, when things go wrong, we launch into an absolute PANIC.

That's been the case this morning, as AIB's online services have gone into meltdown.

Naturally enough, customers aren't too happy about it.

People aren't happy

The responses and questions have been coming thick and fast...


And, of course, there's the odd chancer in the mix...


As well as the tweet that NO customer service agent ever wants to see...

But ultimately, there's still no time frame on when it'll be back

However ATMs are still working – so instead of paying your bills, you could always go on a spending spree with some of your cash dolla.

Just a thought...

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