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29th Aug 2018

Calls For Period Products To Be Free In Every School


Every woman and girl will know the awkward feeling of getting your period at school when they’ve forgotten their tampons or sanitary pads.

What if you could barely afford them and asking someone for one was a monthly occurrence?

Figures released by Plan Ireland reveal almost 50% of young girls struggle to afford their monthly sanitary products.

Fianna Fáil Senator Lorraine Clifford Lee is calling for a national programme for improved access to period products.

She said, “it’s not unheard of for young women to be forced go without products to make ends meet. “

“Indeed, some household’s weekly budget cannot stretch far enough to afford the cost of these products; they are luxuries not certainty’s for too many.”

“Periods are an entirely normal part of life for every woman worldwide. Both the United Nations and leading NGO, Human Rights Watch have repeatedly recognised menstrual hygiene as a human right.

“Irrespective of income, background or circumstance, every single woman should have equal access to sanitary products in a discrete and dignified way. No woman should be left unable to manage their period, whether in school, college, unemployed or in a workplace.

Do you think is a good idea?

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