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01st Oct 2018

There’s A Cannabis Coffee Shop In Waterford And We Can’t Wait To Check It Out


A CBD-infused coffee shop has opened in Waterford.

Blooms Café on Johns Street in Waterford is serving vegan food and organically grown cannabis.

While high in CBD which promotes relaxation, the cannabis is of course under the legal limit for THC in Ireland and is non-toxic.

In a post on their facebook page, they say that “high CBD strains are perfect for those who want a relaxing and calming experience, but do not want the mind-altering effects that is caused by THC, the compound found in illegal cannabis.”

CBD does not impair mental function or increase heart rate and is non-toxic. It is proven not to be addictive, it is natural to our bodies and natural to every climate on the planet.

We can’t wait to check this place out.

Have you been there yet?

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