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07th Mar 2018

Carrauntoohil Mountain Looked More Like Mt. Everest In The Snow – And This Man Climbed It


What did you get up to during Storm Emma? If you’re anything like us, the most exercise you got was building a half-arsed igloo out the back garden and hopping in between the sofa and the fridge for more snacks. 

Some absolute mad people (okay okay, incredibly fit and skilled climbers) braved the highest peak of Ireland: Carrauntoohil Mountain in Kerry’s Macgillycuddy Reeks range. 

A huge 1,038 metres high, it’s normally a bright fresh green but this weekend it resembled Mt. Everest more than an Irish mountain. 

John Daly was one of a few who tackled the treacherous climb to the top of the mountain over the weekend, and his photos are absolutely mindblowing. 

Kerry’s beloved mountain looked more like it belonged in the alps it had so much snow covering it 

Screen Shot 2018 03 07 At 09 29 44
Screen Shot 2018 03 07 At 09 29 20
Screen Shot 2018 03 07 At 09 29 27

He made it!

He did admit that the climb was “tough going” alright. 

The views are incredible. We’re just glad all the climbers came back down safe and sound. 

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