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23rd Nov 2018

PIC: This Christmas Billboard Has Been Removed In Derry For One Big Reason

Darragh Berry

“Have yourself, a Derry little Christmas.”

Those six words in the north of the country have caused serious controversy in recent days.

The billboard to promote Christmas shopping there has been removed after Unionist politicians said it was not “inclusive”.

DUP councillor David Ramsey told the BBC that it was important that everyone felt welcomed in the city.

“This city is well known for being inclusive and it is important, especially at Christmas, that inclusivity is at the forefront of our marketing.

“Perhaps it is a case of a marketing company trying to be witty in their branding, but not being sure of the bigger picture around the city’s name.”

Former UKIP NI leader David McNarry told The Nolan Show that the marketing stunt was “Another insight as to how they want to wipe the unionist identity out.”

Calls were also made on the same show to change the slogan to “Have yourself a Derry-Londonderry little Christmas”.

While others felt that this was being made into a bigger issue than it should have been:

“NI politicians are lazy and pathetic! They should be embarrassed with themselves, no government in 2 years & major health services needed within the city. But they put their energy into being outraged that it isn’t ‘Have yourself a Londonderry/Derry little Christmas'”.

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