Conor McGregor Has Just Been Featured In Vogue

This is not a drill

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Yes, you read that correctly...

Conor McGregor has just been featured on a s h i o n .

The fashion bible are applauding the legend's taste in... Gucci.

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Is this random?

We think not. Conor is almost always impeccably dressed and co-ordinates his outfits within an inch of his life. 

At last night's conference for UFC 205, McGregor wore head-to-toe Gucci, straight from the runway. 

For a pre-fight press conference with opponent Eddie Alvarez, McGregor chose pieces direct from Gucci’s runway: an oversize white fur, red floral-check pants, and a coordinating turtleneck. The attention-grabbing outfit stood in sharp contrast to Alvarez’s tailored suit, but for McGregor, whose cocky, at times confrontational persona has won him fans, that seemed to be the point.

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No stranger to a bitta controversy.

Let's see what tonight brings...

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