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05th Oct 2018

Conor McGregor “Will Fight” In This Very Small Irish Arena For Irish Homecoming He Said In Last Night’s Press Conference

Darragh Berry

What can you say about ‘Notorious’ that hasn’t already been said.

Khabib Nurmagomedov spent about 10 minutes on the stage and fled before McGregor came on meaning the Crumlin lad had the floor all to himself.

And boy did he use it.

He was in flying form with his favourite phrase of the night being ‘Ask me bollocks’ to almost any question that he didn’t like.

For example when an Israeli journalist asked about the bad reviews that McGregor’s whiskey ‘Proper No.12’ was getting he used said quote and followed it up by saying “state of you”.

He called Khabib’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz a “fucking snitch, terrorist and rat” before stating that this bad blood with him and his opponent would never be over, not even after a win on October 6th.

He was loving the Irish crowd and when one Irish journalist popped up and asked about an Irish homecoming, he knew exactly what to say.

After saying that him and Dana were trying to get a deal to fight in Croke Park, McGregor added, “I will fight in the Ringside on South Circular road [if I have to], it’s a pub that holds about 500 people but I’d fight there.”

He finished by saying that he would definitely have one fight in Ireland before his days are numbered.

Back to the whiskey, and Conor McGregor stood up and made everyone shout on the count of 3, “fuck the Jameson Brother”.

You can watch McGregor from the 25 minute mark below.

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