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23rd Dec 2018

Irish Girl’s Scary Late Night Experience Is Something We All Need To Look Out For This Christmas

Darragh Berry

Christmas is a busy time of year.

So busy in fact that sometimes it’s next to near impossible to get a taxi.

You know what it’s like when you’re drinking and you just want to get home out of the freezing cold as quickly as possible.

If you have a mate that’s driving, fantastic but you’d never think about hopping into some random person’s car in the hope that they’d bring you home.

Or would you?

This girl tells a story about being out in Cork on Saturday night when three ‘drunk’ women tried to get into her boyfriend’s car:

“To the drunk girls in Cork last night, you could have put yourself in so much danger.

“Last night my boyfriend collected me from Washington Street after a Christmas party. Before I got to the car three different people tried to get into the car, two of which were girls.

“They all left after we told them go away except for one girl who opened the back door as I was trying to get in the front. So I stopped her from getting in and told her to fuck off, it’s not a taxi and it’s not a car belonging to anyone she knows.

“At the time it was annoying and I thought she was going to get hurt by me trying to keep the door closed because she stupidly stuck her hand in.

“Anyway, today we were chatting about it and he couldn’t believe how easy it would have been to pick up that girl or her friend or many many other vulnerable girls who were willingly getting into strangers cars.

“It would have been too easy to lock the doors once she got in and take her anywhere. We could have been anyone.

“He could have been anyone. Anything absolutely awful could have happened to her because she and many others were too drunk to be able to look after themselves. Being drunk is one thing but being so drunk you don’t know who’s car your getting into… that’s incredibly frightening.”