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02nd Oct 2018

Cyclone Leslie Won’t Hit Ireland After All But There’s More Bad Weather On The Way

Kiara Keane

It looks like Cyclone Leslie won’t be reaching our shores after all, following fears that a tropical storm forming over the Atlantic could bring grim weather to Ireland.

But sadly that doesn’t mean we’ll be avoiding the bad weather altogether as a jet stream is expected to bring plenty of wind and rain in the coming weeks.

Met Éireann said, “There is going to be a jet stream developing over Ireland during next week and it is going to bring in some wet and windy weather at times.”

Forecasters over in the UK had been predicting that Cyclone Leslie would make a U-turn over the Atlantic, bringing strong gales and heavy rain.

But thankfully Met Éireann has said that won’t be the case, explaining, “It doesn’t look like it’s going to land itself coming in over Ireland.

“Looking at the charts it looks like it’s going to track across the southern Atlantic.”

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